About the Show

In a conversation over lunch with a client, we talked about a leadership program that I”d launched in the community with a few other passionate volunteers.  The client, a senior level executive at a massive global firm, said he wasn’t interested in attending round table discussions or listening to hour long presentations.  He was interested in learning, but wanted it in short sound bites. The kind he can consume on his terms.

He wanted hacks.

Ok, we can do hacks.  Short, direct, the kind of ideas that you can put into practice right away.  And see results right away.

But who am I to create this?  Why would anyone listen to me?

I shopped the idea around with some colleagues, a few trusted advisers, and my tribe.  “Can I do this?”, I asked.  “And if I do create this thing, would you be interested in it?”  The answer was a resounding YES!

And so the Career and Life Hacks for Busy People podcast was born.

Each episode is short, 5-15 minutes or less. Each episode presents one idea, one topic. And each episode issues a challenge to implement some simple but powerful action in the coming week.

That’s it.  No fluff or long-drawn out explanations.  Because you are smart but busy people.  You”ve probably heard a lot of this before.  The power in this isn’t to teach you, it”s to keep you focused on implementation.

My promise to you:

Take a few minutes each week to listen to the show (you can find 15 minutes, can’t you?), and take action.  If you do this consistently, you will achieve more and have more success, both professionally and personally.

Who doesn”t have time for that?